Artist statement by painter Francis O’Shea.

Artist statement by painter Francis O’Shea.

My drawings, paintings, and collages investigate the natural world and are often inspired by found objects. Much of the work is autobiographical. At times, its subject matter is recognizable; at others it leans toward the abstract. Each painting evolves from black-and-white studies and subsequent color studies that include collage elements.

The work is formal and head-on frontal. The space is shallow, and the balance between form and color is a critical calibrating factor. I have an enduring interest in patterns, edges, the intersection of forms with space, and the way an image sits on a stretched canvas, becoming one with it.

— Francis O’Shea

And the constellated forms of Francis O’Shea’s paintings exist on a porous imaginary boundary between flowers and invertebrate sea life. The interiority of the water world reminds us that the Symbolists conceived of abstraction as presenting a “landscape” of interior feeling, as opposed to serving as a pedestal for utopian geometries.

— Stephen Westfall, Luminosity and Risk, catalog essay